VISIT MIYACHI EUROPE AT TRADE SHOWS As market leader in laser marking and welding, resistance welding and hot bar Miyachi Europe's innovative products will be exhibited at BMZ Akkutech 2014 in Aschaffenburg from March 26-27, at Road Shows in Switzerland in May 2014, at Intertool 2014 in Vienna from May 6-9, at LASYS 2014 in Stuttgart from June 24-26 and at CWIEME 2014 in Berlin from June 24-26
NEW LARGE TOUCHSCREEN PANEL FOR AWS3 MIYACHI PECO's unique Active Welding System 3 is now also available with a large touchscreen panel. Existing AWS3 systems can be upgraded to the new display.
MIYACHI EAPRO newhorizon HOT BAR SYSTEM MIYACHI EAPRO has designed a compact bonding system which offers an ideal price-performance ratio for hot bar reflow soldering and heat seal bonding applications in the IT, multimedia and electronics industries.
MIYACHI UNITEK ML-73 D SERIES LASER MARKERS Miyachi Europe launches the 4th generation of laser markers now available as ML-73 D series ranging from 10W to 100W. A very compact galvo scan head is designed for distinct markings on various materials.
EXPLORE A NEW GENERATION OF MIYACHI PECO RESISTANCE WELDERS Miyachi Peco launches a new generation of resistance welding equipment. newhorizon resistance welders allow to choose the perfect solution by selecting the right modular component for the right application. Innovative weld heads and weld pincers are now available which can be produced according to specific technical needs.
MIYACHI GREEN LASER WELDER ML-8150A A welding laser with a wavelength of 532 nm can be used with good reproducibility for creating micro welded connections of electronic components. The resulting welding quality for copper and copper alloys without a coating or with a gold coating is comparable to that of steel using 1064 nm.
ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT Miyachi Europe are committed to continous improvement and use their comprehensive technological skills to manufacture goods with a minimised environmental impact.

Miyachi Europe Corporation Profile

Miyachi is the market leader in developing, building and servicing machines for Resistance Welding, Laser Welding, Laser Marking and Heat-Seal-Bonding as well as customized Systems.

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Miyachi Europe Corporation delivers reliable and sustainable business solutions to its partners in Automotive, IT & Multimedia, Electronics & Solar Cells, Medical, Aerospace and Defence.

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